Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance Policies

Thousands of people across the United States enjoy taking boating trips every year. While many boat owners believe that their Homeowner’s insurance covers their boat as well, sadly, this is often not the case. Most policies will have minimal coverage for much smaller boats, leaving their precious vessels vulnerable.

In many ways, this type of insurance is similar to car insurance. Your policy may cover bodily injury, property damage and may even offer owners the chance to cash out or get a brand new boat in cases when the boat is damaged beyond repair.

Watercraft insurance is for anyone who owns a boat, regardless of the size. As stated before, if you own a very small boat, you may be able to include it with your Homeowner’s insurance. Individuals who own larger boats should seriously consider purchasing an insurance policy.

When your boat is involved in an accident that causes bodily or property damage, your policy will cover the medical costs. This type of policy is very similar to car insurance policies.

Many insurance policies even offer assistance to owners who are stranded and need a tow. If you own a boat but haven’t purchased insurance yet, here are some of the benefits to purchasing a policy:

Coverage: Your boat is covered, regardless of whether you’re in the water or on land. If you back into somebody while your boat is attached to your car, you’re covered by car insurance. If something happens to your boat while taking it out for a spin, you’ll be covered by boat insurance.

Peace of Mind: Operating a boat can often be dangerous. This type of insurance gives you peace of mind that, if something were to happen, you would be protected from any liability.

Areas of Coverage: Boat policies often cover large areas of water. Check with your potential insurance provider to find out where you can travel with your boat.

There are many advantages to having your boat insured. Learrn how you can reap the benefits by speaking with one of our advisors.