About Jimmy Jones Agency

Planning your finances can be really daunting. It’s your own hard earned money and everyone is not an expert in finance. But everyone needs to plan their finances in order to meet their financial goals. I know the struggle in saving money. Even though we make tons of plans and streamline our expenses but saving money is not that easy as it sounds. So we ultimately end up getting loans with high interest rates to fulfill our needs, which keeps on multiplying and at the end we continue to pay monthly installments to cover our loans which never seem to end. Similarly with international funds transfers, where most people don’t know much about how it functions and with endless options in front of them they fail to choose the right one.

This blog is here to guide you through all of these problems. Learn the basics of finance here to handle your day to day finance related problems. Get new and innovative ideas to save your money more effectively. These ideas are based on my own personal experiences, so it will help you make better informed decision. I also share my experiences with international money transfers here. Get to know all about it here; how it works and how can you save big while sending your money abroad. Along with this, I share a plethora of tips on handling the finances better, suggestions on different ways of saving more money and my personal experiences while handling finances. Since everyone’s financial needs and goals are different, my insights and experiences in these areas can help you decide what is best suitable for your needs.

I am Jimmy Jones and a teacher by profession. I am here to share my own personal experiences and ideas with you all. I have gained the understandings of finance through my own personal experiences. Explore and try out new ideas which fit your needs to save money in your day to day life and to reach the financial goal you have set for yourself. But remember, I’m not a financial adviser and you should always make up your own decision rather than copy my experience blindly.